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मेन्सवेअर, लेडीज़वेअर, किड्सवेअर, चादरें, सोफा कव्हर्स, परदे, वूलन के लिए वॉशिंग, आयरन और ड्राई क्लिनिंग सेवायें उपलब्ध हैं।  

About Us

Technical Experience

 Laundry cleaning is a regular procedure and a part of domestic practice generally operated in every household. It involves the Lady of the House to keep engaged looking after used clothes to wash, dry and ironing. At hotpress we are caring for your clothes with the help of the best of machinery available with us. It enables us a proper classification of clothes and suitable detergent/s for them. Washing machines with sophisticated options of washing ensures that every cloth is washed with due care. Knowing that each fabric is made with diverse process, we also have technical expertise with needs of washing the items.  

As it happens with wash using suitable cleaning agets, we do have ironing process that involves equal concern. Each fabric is ironed with appropriate temperature so that the colours and life of clothes can be persistent and the customer is happy to send another call. 

Ironing is done on vaccum pressed platforms. It creates a clear fragrance, makes your clothes bacteria and infection free. Clothes reach you to make you happier with washing like never before. 

The Teamwork at hotpress

 At hotpress, teamwork is preferred to everything! The Directors are a committed to work practices that ensures exact and the best results. We do not maintain feelings of being extraordinary to other team members rather consider them as peers and integral part of simple to difficult things. Frequent meetings and routine conversation ensures that the work flow remains without any faults and the occupation never gets damaged. Right from the pick-up to delivery, there are duties confined to everyone and utmost attention is provided that guarantees customer satisfaction. 

Make life easier with hotpress.in


At hotpress the procedure and work is tan up to make your life happier and carefree from the routine worries of washing clothes, furnishing and the tedious as well as laboursome and time consuming process of ironing different items. We have adopted the technological processes that lessen faults and follies and allows you to be burden free. What the modern world counts on is to allow simple works for others when you can invest your time doing some more important things. 

Now as hotpress comes in… spend your valuable time loving your family, play with children and make yourself creative for many other assignments. 

Have a happy time…